Chiesa della Madonna del Ponte Vecchio

Chiesa della Madonna del Ponte Vecchio

This church dedicated to Our Lady lies on the right bank of the river Savio, in front of the old mill and the remains of Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge). It was built in 1557, the year of the great flood of Savio when the river burst its banks, an event recalled with a commemorative stone dated September 13, 1557 that is now set into a wall near the church itself.The bridge arch nearest the church was destroyed by German forces retreating from this area on October 9, 1944. In fact, little remains of the three-arched Old Bridge built by the Archbishop of Ravenna that once spanned the Savio, except a large pile of stones in the middle of the river and a single arch on the left bank, near the mill building.The octagonal church is dedicated to the presentation of the Virgin Mary.The image of the Madonna del Ponte is much revered and many miracles have been attributed to the image, as we may see from the numerous votive items preserved inside the church. The older fresco was replaced in 1869 by the current painting of the Madonna offering a flower to the Holy Child.Reports say that on his visit to the sanctuary of La Verna in 1560, St. Charles Borromeo, who had links with the provinces of Ravenna and Bologna, stopped here at the Oratory of Ponte Vecchio to celebrate Mass.

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Getting here

Driving on the E45, exit Mercato Saraceno and follow the signs to Mercato Saraceno.

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