Chiesa di Paderno

Chiesa di Paderno

Paderno di Mercato Saraceno, Castrum Paderni, was granted to the Church of Sarsina by Emperor Frederick II in 1220.The castle of Paderno, which managed to withstand the siege of Ferratino Malatesta in 1335, formerly stood in the area where the Bondanini family later erected their estate. It was a brother-in-law of the Bondanini family, the architect Pietro Riceputi, who built this church in the 1930s at the request of Benito Mussolini who wished to honour the memory of his brother Arnaldo, now buried in the adjacent cemetery.After the Second World War the church was abandoned by the Curia and sacked, leading unfortunately to the loss of its furnishings and votive objects donated in memory of Arnaldo Mussolini. The decay of the church continued until roughly 10 years ago when the “Associazione Nazionale Famiglie Caduti e Dispersi della Repubblica Sociale Italiana” bought the church from the diocesan administration at the suggestion of the grandson of Arnaldo Mussolini, Alessandro Bondanini. 

Paderno - 47025 Mercato Saraceno (FC)

Getting here

Driving on the E45, exit Mercato Saraceno and follow the signs to Mercato Saraceno. Arrived to Piazza Mazzini, follow the indications for the Church of Paderno.

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