Chiesa S. Leonardo in Taibo

Chiesa S. Leonardo in Taibo

The parish church of Taibo is dedicated to Saint Leonard.The popularity of the cult of St. Leonard, and the spreading of his patronage to many categories of devotees (blacksmiths, prisoners, farmers, new mothers, etc.) as well as the fact that many churches throughout Europe are dedicated to him, has enriched the iconography of this saint making him an agreeable and familiar subject to artists of every age. He is usually depicted in monastic robes and accompanied by the chains or shackles of freed prisoners, with a book, cross or flag sometimes added.However, over time, the parish of Taibo has developed special devotion to San Filippo Neri, whose feast day is celebrated on the last weekend of May.

Taibo - Via Taibo Castello, 30 - 47025 Mercato Saraceno (FC)
Telephone: 0039 054791168 - Fax: 0039 054791467

Referent: Parroco Don Claudio Canevarolo
Getting here

Driving on the E45, exit Bivio Montegelli and follow the signs to Taibo.

Or exit Mercato Saraceno and follow the signs to Taibo.

You will find an indication to arrive to Taibo's church.

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