Chiesa Sant' Andrea Apostolo in Piavola

Chiesa Sant' Andrea Apostolo in Piavola

It is thought that the parish church of Piavola was erected in 1573, following the Council of Trent. The baroque style now evident is the result of work carried out two centuries later. An ancient manuscript in the parish archives of San Romano, dating back to 1722, speaks of the church of Piavola (Silva Piavole), when, along with Falcino, Linaro and Valle di Ripa, for practical reasons the Bishop ordained that the church would be a suffragan of the diocesan church of San Romano and would thereafter have the title of Chiesa Plebana.The baptismal font in the Piavola church dates back to 1792; before that date all the babies were baptized at the Mother Church of San Romano.The church boasts three altars: the main altar dedicated to St. Andrew the Apostle is embellished with a cloth, placed on the apse, depicting the saint, the Virgin and Child, St. Peter and St. Anthony the Abbot. This work was attributed to the painter Michele Valbonesi di Ranchio.T the left of the main altar is an altar dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary, with a painting of the Virgin framed by small "mysteries". This work, also attributed to Valbonesi, is very similar to the painting of Our Lady of the Rosary by the same author, painted in 1765 for the church of San Romano.For almost three centuries the niche above the altar held a small statue known in dialect as "dla Madona dla Crusèta" (of the Madonna della Crocetta). This image was an object of worship until it was stolen in the 1980s.The third altar, on the right, is dedicated to the Holy Cross.In 1812, the parish priest Father Francesco Santucci rebuilt the bell tower that "threatened disaster". The two bells were removed from the old bell tower, located to the west, which was demolished to the height of the church roof. The new bell tower was rebuilt on new foundations on the eastern side, (its current location). The two bells were then moved here.The earthquake of October 30, 1870 severely damaged the church and the rectory. The parish priest, Father Domenico Antonio Collinelli received funds from Pope Pius IX for repair work.

Piavola - Via Bora Piavola, 72 - 47025 Mercato Saraceno (FC)
Telephone: 0039 054793033

Getting here

Driving on the E45, exit Borello and follow the signs to Piavola.

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