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Roberto Giordani – Metal sculptor

ROBERTO GIORDANI was born in Cesena on June 1, 1967. As the son of a blacksmith, he was able to learn the basic skills and fundamental techniques of metal forging as a child, but he also showed an original and remarkable inventiveness and artistic flair. After finishing his studies in the early eighties, he started working in various steel construction sites in Italy where he gained experience working on large metal structures (heavy metal work, steel mills). In the same period, he attended several courses at the Bufalini School in Città di Castello on restoration techniques and the construction of metal elements in historic buildings, as well as following courses in drawing and sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. His first contact with the art world came by working alongside well-known painters such as Alberto Burri, Enzo Pecorari and Franco Alessandrini. In 1995, during an exhibition in Tuscany, he met the Venetian sculptor Toni Beneton who inspired his interest and passion for macro sculptures in iron. He shares Beneton's conviction that anything that can be drawn can be shaped in metal.

This experience led Roberto to decide that he wanted to merge his technical knowledge of metalworking with his knowledge of art sculptures. He began taking part in exhibitions and competitions in the early nineties and frequently demonstrated his original technique for shaping metals of various kinds in seminars held in his own workshop, gaining considerable acclaim from fellow artists and accolades at a European level. Since then he has created several works for public and private commissions. He always strives to enhance the characteristics of the places where the sculptures are located. His works are on show in the Czech Republic, the United States, Spain, Belgium, Sweden and Morocco and in several Italian cities. Today Roberto lives in the hills in Romagna and works in his own recently built and well-equipped workshop where he continues to further his experience, spanning twenty years, with research and experimentation. He also frequently hosts courses for students of various nationalities, as well as organizing public demonstrations of the art of metalwork. He is frequently invited to give demonstrations in schools or hold seminars. Especially worthy of mention is his creation of a work during an art event held in San Francisco (United States) in May 2012. He has recently joined the staff of the Stia training school (Arezzo) where he teaches courses in the design and sculpture of metal. His commitment and passion underlie all his work, together with his continued artistic research.

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