Monumento ai martiri dello Zingone

Monumento ai martiri dello Zingone

The Monument, located in Via I Maggio in the village of Monte Castello, the area of the former parish cemetery, was inaugurated on September 3, 1950 to commemorate the tragedy of the collapse of the Zingone bridge. The impressive concrete structure has a single 60-metre arch and was rebuilt in 1948, after the German troops had blown up the former structure on their retreat in 1944. The bridge is linked to the sad memory of the tragedy that occurred on April 30, 1948, when shortly after completion it collapsed entirely, killing 19 workers and injuring 20 others. There is a commemoration of the tragedy every year in Mercato Saraceno on Workers Day, May 1.

Monte Castello - Via I Maggio, 98 - 47025 Mercato Saraceno (FC)
Getting here

Driving on the E45, exit Monte Castello and follow the signs to Monte Castello.

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